Socio-economic impact assessment is designed to assist communities in making decisions that promote long-term sustain-ability, including economic prosperity, a healthy community, and social well-being. We have a vast experience in diverse portfolio of state assignments in respect of labour market and employment policy, education and training policy, and local economic development.

We try to find out effective ways to solve persistent problems in the livelihoods of economically marginalized communities. Our team has helped to create and test new livelihood models that transform producers’ lives and make them more self-reliant. We work with Government and NGOs who make up the livelihood ecosystem. For evolution that is transformative rather than incremental, there is a need to create livelihood models that align right vision with effective design. Based on our experience, we have articulated integrated, systemic models that we believe can fundamentally transform livelihoods, nurturing self-reliance and evolution. Our Organization will help to make society healthier, more comfortable, and more affluent by supporting long-term R&D and business strategy.