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Engineering Services

We are a full-service engineering, planning and survey company. We provide cost-effective and innovative design and project management solutions. VVN provides engineering and survey for a wide range of development and municipal, urban development, industrial engineering projects.
Our professional team consists of highly qualified technical and subject experts. The wide knowledge and rich experience of our team helps to produce high quality work and contribute towards professional excellence with technical comprehensiveness in a business perspective.

Our Services Includes:


ETS (Electronic Total Station)
GPS Survey
DGPS Surveys
DRONE Surveys


Layout Engineering – Mechanical, Structural(Factories / Industries)
Layout Engineering – Civil, Colonies, Ventures
Detail Engineering – Mechanical, Civil, Structural, Piping, Equipments, Design & Detailing
Engineering – Reverse Engineering, Retrofit jobs.

Engineering Projects

OnGoing Projects

  • ETS Cum GPS survey for airport
          in Nellore Dist.

  • Completed Projects

  • ETS-Ardhamala Nellore Dt.
  • ETS–Somayajulapalli
  • ETS-Komorulu(sy No 155 & sy
          No 484)
  • ETS-Guttapadu at Orvakal
  • ETS-Jupadu Bangla
        (Mandal), Thangedancha, Kurnool
  • Geo reference of the tank area
  • Water Tank Project in Nellore
  • Nellore Election Polling Blocks

  • Clients

  • GVMC
  • SPSR Nellore
  • AP Tribal Welfare
  • IEG & NPIC Agriculture
  • Dharmavaram Municipality

  • Click here for Engineering Projects PPT